February 3, 2012

Project Runway: Mila: kick ass

"Keep it edgy" was mentor Joanna's advice to the designers during Episode 5 of Project Runway All Stars. The challenge: take to the streets of New York, approach random people, talk them into giving you the clothes off their backs. Much of the show focused on Anthony working his wit in Union Square to get guys to strip to their briefs and more guys to take off their shirts.

Mila's 'coerce the clothes off people' kick ass outfit

But I'm not here to talk about Anthony. Mila Hermanovski aka M I L A is the girl. She was a finalist in Season 7 presenting her collection at New York Fashion week in May 2010 and is now, obviously, on Project Runway All Stars. Each of her designs have edge (without falling off the cliff) and are totally wearable; my criteria being -  does it fit a human body other than a model's? - her designs do. To use Bill Cunningham's words about well-crafted fashion: "There is security through the cut and design."

What she did with yesterday's challenge was brilliant; disappointed she didn't get more face time to explain how she did what. The obsession with the more flamboyant extroverts in the competition is a bit annoying. These guys all had their seasons. The All Stars should be more about the craft than the crass. But no matter. Her clothes speak for themselves. Mila had the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" vibe way before Rooney Mara started kick-ass-in-goth revivial. I love her clothes: touch of goth, sleek, minimalistic without being dull and asymmetrics without the vertigo. Her online presence in way of shopping is still small but so worth checking out. Go Mila.

MILA shop

MILA online

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