February 21, 2012

Project Runway All Stars: Episode 7: Godspell?

Brief recap from last week's episode before tonight's show: I do not know what the hell is going on on PRAS. And I can't even tell you because I missed the show and you can't watch it online outside of the US. (see, this is something I don't understand: the French, the Germans, the Austrians, the Italians are perfectly happy to let anyone access their sites while all US broadcast sites do not allow anyone outside the US to enjoy their free streaming. Well, unless you get a fake IP address which you can but I have no clue how that works. Plus I think it only works for PC's and not Macs. Maybe I should look into it so I don't miss my favorite shows while away from home.)

All I can tell you is this: episode 7 brought to us courtesy of the Broadway challenge i.e. the remaining designers had one and a half days to create a costume for a rich character in the musical "Godspell". Or something. Kara got the boot, Jerell was in the top half (seriously?) and Mondo created a fabulous outfit. Very 'Bride of Frankenstein Hair' (and I mean that in the best way)  meets Veruschka.

The other designs were not fabulous at all therefore not worth showcasing. Extended critique of Jerell: really?

Jerell's creation Episode 7

Kara's creation

Mondo's creation Episode 7
Either the models got fat (which I'm sure was not a collective movement)  or the photographer needs to be sacked (definitely) What an unflattering angle or the lens length is just wrong.

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