February 2, 2012

heels are sexy, flats are too

Don't get me wrong; heels do make your legs look divine and certain events require the elegance beautiful shoes provide. But if you don't have the the three P's (posture, poise and practice), the sexyback isn't going to work. The monkey-on-stilts gait I've seen tittering about to get into the Gansevoort Rooftop bar gave me blisters and a backache just by watching.

If you're a creature of comfort but feel compelled to wear heels because they make your legs look longer and everybody says you should, forget about it. Always wear what you feel comfortable in. That is an element of true fashion.


June said...

Nice post! I used to always prefer heels whenever I wanted to achieve a look but now that I walk to work everyday I wear flats only. Also have a fractures so i just miss all my heels a lot :(

Veronika said...

you'll be able to wear heels again. Main thing is to give your fractured foot time to heel. Besides, like you posted, Jesse J. rocked a cast. Sure you will too.

Get better fast! xx