February 2, 2012

fashion trend: shorts and how to wear them

Kate Moss

It hasn't been a cold winter, at least not on the East Coast. Since many 2012 Spring/Summer collections feature shorts, the time has come to put together an outfit and start wearing those shorts. Kate Moss is the non plus ultra shorts wearer so let's see what we can do without freezing due to lack of James, the chauffeur standing by in case it snows or rains or whatever.

To make shorts work in the cooler months, we are going to need opaque tights, boots, a sweater and a pea coat. (Never ever wear a coat with shorts - not a good look.  The proportions are all wrong if the jacket or coat covers the shorts. You want to show what you're wearing)

Abercrombie and Fitch Angie $54
H&M $50

Steven Madden $190

Burberry $795

Diesel $50

Alexander McQueen $2890
MuiMui $1400

American Apparel $14

Of course there are cheaper alternatives to Burberry and Alexander McQueen: you can find great jackets at H&M, Topshop, even LLBean has some cool pea coats. Urban Outfitters offers faux fur vests for under $300.  If you decide to go for black tights, the bag can certainly have some color. Otherwise, stick with taupe, clay or ivory.

When Spring does arrive: lose the scarf, trade the wool for a tailored blazer or a Lisbeth Salander inspired leather jacket and wear any cool t-shirt underneath. Perfect.