February 1, 2012

venus in fur, masochism and Monique Lhuiller

The gown attracted my attention as did the face of Hugh Dancy, who starred in the non-chick flickish movie "The Jane Austen Book Club" (highly recommended), as I passed by a showcase for the Broadway play "Venus in Fur" on 47th and 7th.

Nina Arianda, wearing Monique Lhuiller combined with a Lanvin beaded top in this Vogue editorial, stars alongside Hugh Dancy in a "story of a fierce and funny psychosexual power struggle between an actress and her director", as John Lahr of "The New Yorker" wrote in his review from November 2011. While she is not going to be wearing the dress, the play and its cast sound stellar and Ms. Arianda has been getting rave reviews.

Equally fascinating is the story behind the play: adapted from Austrian author Leopold Sacher-Masoch's 1870's novel of the same name, Masoch was the 'poet of masochism' and another Austrian, psychiatrist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing, coined the term "masochism" based on his findings after extensive research on Sacher-Masoch. "Venus in Fur" is his only novel translated into English. Apparently, Leopold loved women in fur*. He died in an insane asylum so I don't know what that says about fur fetishes. Whatever. Like the poster says: the two stars look quite smashing.

*women in fur: (a bit of language trivia) in German, there is a quote "Sie hat Haare auf den Zaehnen" which literally means "she has hair on her teeth" meaning she's fierce and dominating. Interesting. I bet it is somehow connected to Herr Leopold and his love of furry women.


Head to Toe Chic said...

That gown is stunning! Great post!

Following you blog now!

Veronika said...

It really is and I like the addition of the beaded top. Too many celebrities equate red carpet with strapless and we are subjected to far too many unattractive decolltees (aka the squished boobs) The top is a nice solution to that problem. ;)

and thank you for stopping by. I will follow your blog as well. toute suite.