January 26, 2012

pretty in pink: Why Gordana's dress was best

Gordana's design
A brief recap of last week's episode before tonight's "Project Runway All Stars": first of all, Gordana's dress was one of the nicest dresses, wearable for pretty much every figure and therefore wearable for "fashion's dream client": a pig. Disappointed she had to go. Secondly, whoever said the zipper was a "nice detail" on Miss Piggy challenge winner Michael's dress was delusional. (I think it might have been Georgina Chapman. Is she too busy thinking highly of herself to pay attention to what is being paraded on the runway?)

winning dress
The worst dress of the night was the boy all New York City Ballet dancers appear to be modeling their look after: Austin. For entertainment's sake, I'm glad he wasn't kicked off but his creation looked like a sausage skin turned inside out. If a skinny girl looks bad in the dress, you know the design is perfect for moms seeking the next inappropriate outfit for their 5-year-olds in "toddlers and tiaras."
Austin's dress for Miss Piggy

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