January 27, 2012

homemade gelato: Project Runway Episode 4

winning dress: grapefruit gelato
Episode 4 of "Project Runway All Stars" was themed around ice cream or "gelato" as those in the know, world-weary travelers and the 'I'm so fabulous I just can't be bothered' fashionistas call it. Despite the promising theme, the 'make a dress as delicious looking as gelato tastes' was the most boring challenge so far and the results reflected it with utter ho hum. With only six hours to sketch, buy fabric and execute, we got predictable designs and some were poorly constructed.

Diane Von Furstenberg was guest judge along with super model Miranda Kerr. She gets to wear the winning design. Question is: where? I bet she will not venture onto any red carpet with that moo moo. And for some reason I can't comprehend (I think Diane Van Furstenberg got the last vote), Michael with his 'drapes on a model' dress won the challenge for the second week in a row. His gelato flavor was grapefruit.

Plus points: he finished it.
Minus points: the dress looks like a silk kimono with cleavage. Not delicious looking and lacks anything you'd associate with a grapefruit. (no tang nor juiciness in this limp rag)

Christian Siriano SS 2012
I totally understand the limitations the designers had, however, I think Michael could have come up with something simpler yet more reflective of grapefruit gelato, like a combination of colors Christian Siriano used in his Spring/Summer 2012 used. I'm not talking about copying but as A.O. Scott once said: "The absorption of influence is the sign of true originality." My advice to all the designers: absorb a bit more.

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