January 27, 2012

homemade gelato: Kenley, Anthony, Rami: Project Runway All Stars

Kenley's gelato challenge design
Kenley, the self-described cute, flirty designer, has cornered the market on, well, "cute and flirty." Think Zooey Deschanel so kind of annoying. Kenley should pour some of the annoyance into her designs to make them something other than average. There has to be a different take on "I'm 1950's retro"other than bows and collars. Her gelato was passion fruit. Nothing passionate about the dress. She could have at the very least used softer, flowing fabric.

Rami, who has done some nice work in the past, wasn't inspired by his kiwi gelato. Despite his thoughts on his design as the model walked the runway ("she looks like a rich, beautiful girl"), Rami took "kiwi" too literally. Polka dots? Really? I admit it's hard finding the right accessories for a green outfit. Black shoes are okay if the belt would have been in green (a sash made out of the polka dot fabric) and a clutch in pink for a splash of color would have made this gelato dress somewhat more appetizing.

In retrospect, Anthony's green tea melt wasn't awful. From the front it looks okay. The silhouette isn't flattering though because he has this whole panel thing going i.e. the wearer looks fat. Styling is sleek and simple, which I like.

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Anthony's green tea design
Rami's kiwi dress

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