January 28, 2012

homemade gelato: Austin, Kara, Mondo: Project Runway All Stars Episode 4

Austin's take on Vanilla Madagascar gelato
Austin is pissing me off because he did such a fantastic job on episode two, which he won. Pure Hollywood glamor. Last week, when he tried something different for Miss Piggy, the result was woeful. This week, with the vanilla madagascar swatch in hand, he went into default mode: the one-sided style.  I love Austin because his "On the Road with Austin and Santino" show is funny and sweet. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. A chiffon dress with a cheap looking brown leather clutch and strappy sandals was definitely a doubtful combination.

The last All Star to choose her ice cream flavor was Kara: chocolate and cayenne pepper. Sadly, Kara couldn't see the forest for the trees and went for a very odd ruffle thing. The model looked pregnant - all the judges agreed on that - because the flounces started from below the bosom. If she had made them longer and used the colors to ruffle around the hem, the dress would have been wearable. On the other hand, Kara might have opened her eyes and seen the host, Andrea Lindvall, who was actually wearing a fantastic dress in chocolate brown. Oh well. She still made it to the next episode.

Mondo went kaftan-esque and did an interesting take on cantaloupe gelato. If I had to choose between Michael's pink moo moo and Mondo's, I would have definitely gone with the melon kafka. Diane Von Furstenberg was thrilled.

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