November 29, 2011

winter: drink

During the winter, when it's cold and gray and your movements are limited due to coats, scarves, gloves, tights, hats, bags, whatever; it's annoying if you always have to go to the bathroom. That happens when you drink a lot of water - as we all know we should - to stay luscious and beautiful (well, at least that's what we are told, so I'll go along with it) Drinking the 2-3 liters in the summer is way easier simply because the on/off process is faster with no danger of your gloves and/or scarf falling into the toilet.

I totally struggle to get in at least one liter between November and April. However one solution that is do-able: carrying a small bottle around and taking small sips throughout the day, refilling with tap water (we really need to stop using so many plastic bottles). Ingenious I know. But sadly, there is no other way.  I try and get in the larger helpings in the morning and right before bed (to avoid the food vampire awakening at 3AM)

Bottoms up.


SaysMindy said...

I've honestly never thought about that...

I really don't drink water in the winter. Wow. Weird.


Veronika said...

exactly. It's really hard when it's cold for the aforementioned reasons. Having to pee makes you colder somehow too. But with all the central heating and dry cold air outside, it's still really vital to get in at least a liter of water a day.

And it does help the whole immune system - less colds and less dry itchy skin/scalp syndrome.