November 26, 2011

sensual: the touch of lingerie - an ad

Palmers is the Victoria's Secret of Austria. They've often used controversial print ads. Recently, a TV ad has been added to their hall of fame. This is one of them. Quite interesting. The title: touch sensuality.

The model is a little too skinny and the shoes (although I suppose high heels would be weirder still) and outfit at the end a bit odd, but the glasses are fabulous. Very Holly Golightly.

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N.Scott said...

Ingenious. Love the ad although it does make me frown to realise I have 20/20 vision and don't dress half as good.

Veronika said...

ha ha ha :)

and I don't wear lingerie like that. It's nice in an ad and nice to look at, but way too uncomfortable.