November 30, 2011

D&G: "The One" Perfume ad with Miss Scarlett

Christmas is coming and perfume is the one gift people buy if they can't think of anything else to buy. I mean, definitely preferable to socks. Having said that, your scent is very personal so really if someone wants to buy you a scent or if you buy one for someone, you have to know that person quite intimately or you have to say to a potential scent giver: I want this perfume. And since there are so many, which one to buy?

My friend and I went to Sephora in search of scents. After two test squirts each, we couldn't tell the difference between Burberry, Tom Ford and a Russian brothel. That's where the ads come in - you like an ad - you go test the perfume. At least that's how the advertisers hope it will work. Here's the latest Dolce & Gabbana ad with Scarlett 'Sophia Loren' Johannson. Is it only me or is her acting kind of terrible?

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