November 8, 2011

The Coffee Pot and other doggie news

There are two dogs sniffing each other's butts outside the perch I'm occupying inside a coffee hangout called "The Coffee Pot".  In general, New York City seems to be a very dog-loving society. Although not specifically linked to NYC, I caught a reality TV show called "Doggie Moms" when I woke up during my nighttime naps sometime between 1AM and 5AM. No, nothing sexual about the show only sartorial. A doggie mom apparently spends more money on doggie dresses than most people do for their own attire.

More news on the excessive care for your pet front: watching the ever fascinating spin of daytime TV will eventually stop on the show cycle devoted to all things canine including but not limited to recipes for self-baked doggie biscuits. Yes, really.

Yes. New Yorkers love their dogs. When one of the most powerful people in journalism, Jill Abramson, executive editor of the New York Times, writes a doggie diary, you know any excess is salon suitable.

Update: March 5th, 2012: The Coffee Pot has since closed. Sad.

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