October 9, 2011

fashion: trends: shorts

Looking at the Spring/Summer shows 2012, pretty much every collection has shorts. Fall/Winter 2011 showed shorts as well but to a lesser extent. Vivenne Westwood and Theyskens' Theory were the designers I caught for this season. Which means: get some shorts. Reason: shorts are a sexy and more comfortable alternative to short skirts. And nobody can look up your skirt if you're wearing shorts. (Did you know there are guys on Union Square who look up women's skirts for a hobby? True story.)
Vivienne Westwood

Some of the looks are from the Spring 2012 Ready-to-wear collections, but can definitely be translated into Fall: opaque tights and ankle boots or any boots for that matter. Yay for shorts! And Vivienne Westwood is so cool.

Theyskens Theory

TopShop Unique

photos courtesy of "The Cut" 


BrightWhiteNoises said...

I'm happy that shorts are trendy ! I'm making some !!

Veronika said...

shorts are the best and so versatile. Excellent that you can make them. Impressive. ;)