October 7, 2011

fashion: black minimalism (the recession wardrobe)

The black minimalist wardrobe for the fall (perfect for the recession).
  • You can opt to buy more of different cheaper things. Stick to black, grey and white. Easier to mix and match.  
  • You can choose to invest a bit more on the fabulous five items. 
  • You can choose to spend less on those five items  - You'll still look chic, as long as you stick to black. 

Items worth spending more on

a black turtle neck sweater 
The turtle neck has to fit snuggly around the neck. Sleeves should be overlong.  It doesn't have to be cashmere but go for a marino wool/elastin mix; keeps its shape better.

ankle boots
The must-have pair of shoes for this season. Do not skimp on footwear: Cheap shoes drag the whole outfit down so this is definitely an item worth investing more in.

knee-high boots
same as above. Footwear has to rock. Remember what it did for Cinderella.

A nice pair of ray bans go for $70. Done deal. Plus, during the off-season, there are sales. You can grab a nice pair of YSL shades (yes, YSL has cool chic shades) for under $100. Worth it. Your eyes will thank you.
Burberry Tote

a bag
bags are awesome. Better one great bag (yes, they are expensive but are with you for life) than three or four cheaper bags. Bags are a girl's best friend, not diamonds (sorry Marilyn).

Items you can save on

you can get a great pair for $30. Really, you can. Obviously, it's helpful if you've got a great ass. If not, you just have to look harder.

If you can afford a coat upwards of $500 - awesome. But this is an item you do not have to spend oodles on.  Paired with nice sunglasses, leather gloves and the cashmere turtle neck underneath, nobody will notice. Care for the coat; get it dry-cleaned at regular intervals and you'll look fine.

It can be a pencil skirt, an A-line skirt or a jeans skirt. Top Shop, H&M and the other usual suspects offer many variations for ridiculously good prices.

the scarf can be the color 'splash' - but not too splashy: dark blue, plum, dark crimson, grey are good colors. If you go cheap, buy more. Changing your scarf changes the whole outfit. (a psychological trick)

plum-colored gloves
My 'color' of this season. A nice pair of soft leather gloves is a delight for the senses. However, you may be one of those people who constantly loses gloves, so stock up and go cheap.

white shirts
to wear underneath your turtle neck. Abercrombie & Fitch's wife beaters are somewhat more expensive (around $15) but worth it. They fit snugly, and are long. American Eagle also carries decent ones. Skip the H&M t-shirts - they lose their shape after the first wash. You don't want to strip for your lover and have a saggy shirt underneath - so not sexy.

a belt 
nobody can tell the difference between an expensive belt and a cheap belt as long as it's leather and it's basic (sans any weird gold crap - then cheap belts do look cheap. )

With the above essentials, you are ready for any occasion: work, play, day, night. Black makes any girl look existentially beautiful.

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