September 27, 2011

fashion: top things you should buy

Byblos Fall/Winter 2011
Dries Van Noten Fall/Winter 2011

There are four things; four basics you should consider getting for this fall/winter season. The cool thing is you don't have to buy from Prada, Byblos or Dries Van Noten. This is more about the style rather than the designer (because we know they're expensive. Style isn't about the price tag, it's about knowing what you look good in) :

- ankle boots.  If you don't buy anything else, buy ankle boots: they'll make any outfit look cool. Ankle boots can be worn with jeans, dresses, skirts and shorts. They work during the day and they work for evening. Plus they keep your feet warmer than strappy sandals and are just as sexy and way more comfortable.

- a short coat. Length: mid-thigh. In black, brown or gray. Works with jeans, shorter skirts,  dresses and shorts.

- a furry handbag. Nice and cuddly. And I'm sure there are faux fur handbags too although I think this one is real fur. Oh well. I eat burgers too; that's my excuse. Dries Van Noten consistently produces brilliant bags. The clothes are a bit on the 'let's tear down the curtains, drape, wrap and tie off with a belt.' A lot of uneven hem lines going on, cut on the bias and kind of unflattering. 

Prada Fall/Winter 2011
- a black dress.  (you can never have too many black dresses) The dress by Prada is nice because of its simplicity and cut. The style is a somber take on the roaring 20's -  the low waist flatters pretty much every figure and any age. Okay. Maybe not perfect for a Kardashian bottom, but the rest of us with normal bums are good to go in this dress.  For day combine it with boots, for evening opaque black stockings with some thick-heeled pumps. (Strappy slinky shoes will not look good with this dress, at all, so don't even try)

Another dress, another coat: 

- another awesome dress. The green/gold sequined dress from the Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter collection 2011 is obviously better suited for evening because of all the neat sparkles. The design and line of this dress is divine: long sleeves (overlong sleeves is something I always try to find), hugs the figure without the "sausage" effect a la Herve Leger, the length is perfection and worn with ankle boots is just rock n roll. I love it. Coats and jackets are also items you can't have enough of. Mulberry's black coat is nice, has a great length and demonstrates once more how versatile ankle boots are.

These designers - Prada, Mulberry, Byblos, Dries Van Noten (for bags) and Emilio Pucci - consistently combine simple chic with rock n roll cool.

Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2011

Mulberry Fall/Winter 2011

runway shots courtesy of The Cut 

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