September 28, 2011

fashion: sack your stylist

Penelope Cruz at POTC 4 Premiere
I don't know what is more disturbing - the dress Penelope Cruz is wearing or the fact that More Magazine included this outfit in the gallery of "Best Dressed Women over 30".  Really?

The dress is awful and Ms. Cruz doesn't seem too bothered otherwise she wouldn't have chosen the "let's use terry cloth towels to make a dress held together with a bunch of zippers." Ms. Cruz, you are fabulous but apparently not even you can wear "anything". And white shoes? You never ever wear white shoes.  Although, to be honest, the shoes are probably the best part of a pretty miserable get up.

Ms. Cruz has the whole Spanish "Carmen" hot factor going so her outfits shouldn't try and compete with it, just enhance it. Sure, she can definitely do any flouncy ball gown but it's when she tries to do casual, she often misses the mark. Plus, how can someone so tiny and petite manage to choose clothes that are too tight? Too tight clothes only makes you look fatter, not slimmer.

Christian Siriano Spring 2012
Since you are one of three stars who can pull off the color, the Christian Siriano would have been much better. Not sure about the black pumps though. Difficult to buy shoes for. But hey, that's why you've hired a new stylist. Or just hired one period.

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