September 23, 2011

fashion: sack your stylist

Celebrities and other random people who end up in the best-dressed, worst-dressed, red carpet regalia of blogs, magazines and Access Hollywoodness are kind of what paper cut out dolls used to be for us girls. Instead of scissors, we just need an internet connection.

Brooke Shields
We can watch and peruse these ladies to suss out what we might look good in or not, what hair styles we might want to try, what shoes, what dresses, what bags. And of course it's a free-for-all to  determine if spotlighted person needs to sack her stylist. Schadenfreude is the best 'freude' after all.

Today is the start of the series: sack your stylist - invaluable advice for the miss-list.

Brooke Shields, lovely lady she is, pretty baby she was, has turned into what the frump? This dress is like the Titanic: unsalvagealbe. Even if you shorten the dress to slightly above the knee (way more flattering), lengthen and loosen the one sleeve to drape mid-hand and rip off the feathers - not worth it really. This dress looks like it was recycled out of Bjork's Oscar swan dress. The fit is unfortunate and what is that thing around her neck, hiding behind the huge flower? Is it part of the dress? Or last year's tinsel off the Christmas tree?

The hair: well, in keeping with the tone of the dress, it is equally awful. If a dress has so much going on, the hair needs to be pulled back into a simple sleek low bun.  Who designed this thing anyway?

better hair
My make-over suggestion for Ms. Shields:
if you insist on the hair (although this style suits you much better), wear something simple and sleek like a black Hugo Boss suit with high heels. You can keep the clutch.

Hugo Boss


Saylor said...

Oh wow - how right you are about this dress. It looks like Big Bird landed on her and then a big flower landed on Big Bird - ouch! She is a beautiful woman, and her stylist should be charged with assault on a dress! Seriously, I'm sure that Ms. Shields would love to see this picture erased from her memory. She certainly doesn't look happy wearing it (she knows it is hideous). It really is unfortunate :(

Veronika said...

Big Bird landed. ha ha ha! I like it. You know what the weird thing is about this pic and a few others I'll post later? In "More" magazine, this was listed under the best-dressed celebrities over 30. Excuse me? I think some of the featured ladies would disagree. As do we. ;)

(big bird - that's so good)