September 25, 2011

fashion: Medusa and fairy godmother

Dior Fall 2011 Haute Couture Show
The concept of haute couture underneath all the frothy layers of tulle, silk, chiffon and hand-embroided pearls stitched together by nimble expensive hands is that art and architecture can be worn.

Considering what a painting by Picasso, Van Gogh or Cezanne costs, a gown by Dior starting at $100,000 seems pretty reasonable.  I think the fashion world has established haute couture is not crafted for profit but for publicity and the opportunity to see dreams translated into cloth.

Can you put a price on your dreams? Apparently, yes you can. Doesn't mean you can afford it. Which is okay.

Although Medusa in the high-end mou mou is frightening.  I wonder if any of the 200 ladies worldwide able to actually purchase haute couture ordered this dress.  A one-size fits all concept may help to lure a buyer; maybe.

Dior Fall 2011 


Saylor said...

I love your blog! Fashion is one of my passions and I love the comparison that you drew between art and fashion. Gorgeous gowns, works of art really - I am loving this blog!

Veronika said...

thank you so much! Such lovely comments.

Yeah, I've given couture some thought, about its raison d'etre and stuff. A beautiful dress as a work of art does have justification I think. One doesn't have to own something to appreciate it. :)