September 28, 2011

fashion: ghoul gallery

Meg Ryan
It must be difficult to age when you used to be button cute. But sending your face to the wax cabinet and having it come back looking like your ex-husband Dennis Quaid might not be the way to go, wouldn't you say? You look permanently frightened of aging. Wearing the evening gown equivalent of elastic waist pants doesn't help. And take a cue from Madonna: she knows to cover up those not very attractive sinewy arms.

Really, until your botched face job recedes, a bag over the head would be best or at least wear a dress that doesn't squeeze the boobs. You're not alone; too many celebrities wear boob-squeezing low-rider strapless gowns. Not a good look.

Ms. Ryan: you're an okay actress, you have appeared in some forever classic movies; please treat your face with more respect and wear something nice. I suggest something frothier to draw attention away from your Dennis Quaidness.
Emilio Pucci Fall/Winter 2011

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