September 30, 2011

celebrities: weird

Demi Moore (in case you didn't recognize her) 
why would anyone voluntarily post a picture of themselves on Twitter when the neck looks like it's auditioning for "The Thing"?  Well, I hope her neck is a better actor than her face.

Photo courtesy of "The Superficial" 


Fat Piggy said...

EEEEEEEEEUW!! She is SO old. I wish she'd act that way!!

Veronika said...

My grievance with most celebrities is that they rarely admit what it takes for the upkeep and for the skinniness. That pisses me off. Having said that, Mrs. Kutcher looks pretty corpse-like on this picture. I agree. ;)

Saylor said...

I'm not sure that I agree, I think that she looks pretty good - but mostly I think it's cool that she is not photo-enhancing her pic. It's probably not easy to be married to someone so much younger and especially in light of her husband's public wanderings. I do think that she over-twitters, although this is coming from someone that doesn't twitter! Nice post!

Veronika said...

Oh, I'd be suspicious of anything she does regarding 'candid' shots. It's so easy to retouch with very simple tools, I imagine even she can do that. Or her assistant. ;)

Yes, I am a suspicious person. But I know what it's like. Hey, I know so many who've had their passport and DL pics retouched. You'd be surprised.