August 31, 2011

top ten things you shouldn't buy #8

#8 a ticket to "I don't know how she does it?" Clothes horse Sarah Jessica Parker tosses and whinnies her way to a sort of jujitsu Carrie Miranda Bradshaw Parker aka a mom trying to juggle everything. Gawker said it first. They're right. I'm repeating it here. It's crap.

Laywers don't dress like someone off the collective Prada/Mui Mui/Burberry runway.  I've seen enough "Law&Order"s to know. While the clothes themselves are great and the styling is better in this new movie, really, it's the type of wardrobe she should have been wearing in "Sex and the City".

We don't hate Sarah Jessica Parker because she's skinny and looks good in clothes. We hate her because she's a hypocrite and a terrible actress and she keeps trying to make us feel bad.

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