August 6, 2011

a diet for lazy people who want to lose 10-15 lbs.

This diet is best for anybody with a "single" denomination in front of their life title. And lazy is not meant as derogatory; lazy people are efficient and savvy because we have more important things to do.  

It's called the Stoffwechsel or Metabolism Diet, made in Austria. (I'm sure plenty of metabolism diets from other countries exist - this one happens to be Austrian-style) A Brazilian friend of mine recommended it and got it from a nutrition clinic near Vienna.  He is a former dancer like me and like me, has no interest in complicated diet plans requiring the assistance of a full-time cook.  

In a nutshell, this plan is geared toward revving up your metabolism, allowing you some foods while shedding the pounds. Why am I qualified to recommend this? I have been on a diet since I was 12. So, safe to say I've tried a few. Lately, I've been on the "eat nothing during the day 'cause I can" diet turning me into a food vampire i.e. I ate at night. Hasn't been working very well. Apparently, your metabolism shifts into "screw this, i'm going to collect fat rolls on your stomach" so starving the body for long stretches is counterproductive. In the deep brain drawers labeled "diet and other awful stuff to do", that information was stored but I ignored it. Now I know. Again. Consciously. 

The Plan 

Day 1: 
Breakfast: black coffee
Lunch: 2 tomatoes, 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 whole grain rye roll* 
Dinner: a steak (beef, turkey or chicken) green salad with a lot of vinegar (preferably apple vinegar) 

Day 2: 
Breakfast: coffee with a bit of milk (please, nothing artificial, if you don't drink milk, then use soy milk just don't use any powder crap) 
Lunch: a steak (beef, turkey or chicken) green salad with lots of vinegar
Dinner: a pineapple, 1% natural yoghurt (here I blended the pineapples and yoghurt into a smoothy because each on its own was kind of yucky)
NB: if you can't manage a steak for lunch, then just switch lunch and dinner around. 

Day 3: 
Breakfast: coffee with milk and a whole grain rye roll
Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs, can of tuna without oil, green salad, a whole grain roll
Dinner: 10 grams or 0.35 ounces "Rinderschinken"* and 2 tomatoes
(there is something available over here called "Rinderschinken" which translated means beef ham? dunno. I found some lean ham and used that.) 

Day 4: 
Breakfast: coffee with milk, a whole grain rye roll, 1 cup of herbal tea (cleansing tea, use whatever you prefer) 
Lunch: steak (same choice of meats as above) salad with a lot of vinegar
Dinner: dill potatoes with cucumber salad 

Day 5: 
Breakfast: coffee with milk, a whole grain rye roll
Lunch: 2 hard-boiled eggs, 1 can of tuna without oil, salad, a whole grain rye roll
Dinner: 20 grams or 0.70 ounces of ham, any fruit (except bananas) 

Day 6: 
Breakfast: tee with lemon, cleansing tea
Lunch: 2 tomatoes, 2 hard-boiled eggs, a whole grain rye roll
Dinner: eat what you want (yay!) 

Day 7: 
Breakfast: coffee with milk, a whole grain rye roll
Lunch: half a grilled chicken
Dinner: asparagus, tomato, fruit, a whole grain rye roll

That's it. The two variations of this diet is the duration: Two weeks for a cleanse and getting your eating habits back on track or two weeks following the plan, one week normal eating and then another week of the above diet plan. 

*The Whole Grain Rye Roll: The whole grain rye roll suggested in Austria is called a Kornspitz: it is made of whole grain rye, yeast and flour. Some sort of  roll or bread with whole rye is important as rye is crucial to speeding up your metabolism. Here's just one link to the health benefits of rye. 

You're allowed to drink as much water as you want. Awesome, I know.  This is a staple of all diets where they tell you to drink drink and drink some more. Try for a bottle of water a day. Drinking a large glass of water before each meal and between does help to keep the hunger pangs at bay. I know - not as satisfying as a glazed donut, muffin or Snickers bar - but ultimately, it's water or crying again the next time when you try on jeans in those horrid fitting rooms with the horrid light which highlights every flaw: do I really look this bad? 

No alcohol, no sugar, go easy on the salt and use oil sparingly on your salad and for cooking. 
(NB: I used olive oil for the salads and cooking and apple vinegar on the salads) 

I don't know about you but I am a chronic diet cheater and a recovering chocoholic. I'm one of those hardcore chocoholics who has no problem getting up at 3AM and eating a 12 oz bar of pure chocolate. 

For some reason, this diet has kept the chocolate cravings to a minimum. Maybe I'm just sick of the fat rolls. Whatever. 

My diet cheats of choice: 
  • a cube of sugar in my afternoon coffee
  • home-made popsicles (I realize this is rather ambitious and doesn't fit the "lazy" label)

More on cheating: Low/No calories drinks and foods

One thing you should know about artificial sweetners (if you think you aren't cheating because Coke Zero has no calories) artificial sweetners are fed to pigs to fatten them up faster.  There are plenty of links to check out. It's bad because long term, it makes you hungrier. So no diet cokes, sodas etc. Nothing artificial. If you absolutely have to have something sweet, using one cube of sugar in your coffee is way better. 

Work in progress

I'm on day 7 of the first week and despite the occasional cheats, I've lost 3 lbs. More importantly, my eating habits (which were totally screwed up) are improving.  Let's face it - diets suck. This one, so far, sucks the least. Hey, if I can do this, anybody can. Seriously.

An awesome app called MyFitnessPal is incredibly helpful during diet times. Check out the app for ipad and/or iphone and online here. 

PS: Anyone needs a .pdf of this plan with a few recipes included, let me know. And thank you Ricardo for your help in finding me a diet I can actually stick to.


Renee said...

okay okay damn the alcohol and sweeeeets. I like them both. Alot. So that is why I scream at my thighs when I try stuff on! hahaha. BUT I can give some of this a try-I def. do the sugar free coke thing...I need to slowly but steadily cut out the above two choices or atleast start with the 3rd one first! Thanks. Less sucking the better, sucking in the stomach-no way to suck in the thighs so better get on this! Love ya Veronika!

Veronika said...

love my vodka and chocolates too and have no intention of giving them up. This plan just re-aligns your metabolism so you can enjoy the pleasures of life more prudently after.

you'll be fine sweetheart.