April 15, 2011

The Thing About Gwyneth Paltrow

She seems nice enough. And I kind of understand her desire to change the world, or communicate to the world how 'normal' she is, how she battles with insecurities, the struggles of being a working mom, etc.

But really, why we (me) hate (ok, dislike her, or rather her incessant do-goody-two-shoes-act) is the fact that she is not one of us. She is a privileged celebrity with lots of money. So stop trying to make us feel like you are one of us already. It's annoying and completely obnoxious.

Ms. Paltrow: you have a personal trainer, you have people who tell what to eat, how to eat it, you can afford nannies, you can travel where ever you want, you can buy all your food from the most expensive places, you cook because you want to and not because you have to, you spray tan and you get your pics photo shopped.

I prefer celebrities who understand they are different in that they can afford all the shit most of us can't. They are quiet about their privileges. I admire people who know we are not all financially equal and therefore treat us with more respect than Ms. Paltrow does, simply because they do not harangue us, make us feel bad by striving for something most cannot attain and is totally irrelevant anyway. 

Besides, I figure most of us have enough common sense to know: exercise is good and so are vegetables.