April 14, 2011

Nothing Sacred But The Truth

Nothing sacred but the truth is the New York Observer's motto, recently restored to the front page by its editor-in-chief Elizabeth Spiers. Spiers' boss is  Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner is married to Ivanka Trump. Ivanka Trump is the chick who sits next to her dad on "Celebrity Apprentice."

As stated in a piece by John Cook, on Gawker, the Observer sees itself as a "watchdog of Manhatten's oligarchy."  Recently, the has paper remained silent on Donald Trump's insultingly senile rants about President Obama's birth certificate. (honestly, can't he think of anything a little more original than picking up on the sloppy seconds of Palin and the rest of the tea party morons? Sadly, no. We are, after all, talking about a guy who has the taste of Rasputin and Marie Antoinette's love-child on crack)

I have never read the New York Observer. Knowing what I now know, I probably never will. Until the paper has the decency to disclose the incestuous relationship to the professional meglomaniac Donald Trump, or step up and write pieces on him like they did 13 years ago, the paper can only be used as lining for the shit house.

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