April 14, 2011

JP Crew and Neon Pink Nail polish

An ad in the JP Crew newsletter has caused controversy.  Why? Because the US is full of homophobes? Probably. There is a very strange conservative streak in this country. Yeah, I know - not stating a revelation here.  But it really is fascinating how pink toe nails on a small child can garner so much media attention, causing anchors from CNN, ABC, CBS and Fox News (of course) to present the story with so much brow-furrowed consternation.

Like Jon Stewart remarked: really?

What is a genuinely sweet moment between a real-life mom and her son, is being interpreted as something dark and devious; the tentacles of transgender values reaching out to strangle and obliterate  those awesome heterosexual values that has made America great!

Beware. Close your eyes.  Do not let neon pink nail polish on a five-year-old boy poison the upright Christian inside you. Jesus said so. Or at least, somebody who is a friend of a friend of a friend of Jesus  knows he says so.

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