March 28, 2011

New York New York

You can walk everywhere. You don't need to get into a car. You can go to the movies at 10 in the morning and find other people (oddballs like me? ) who go at 10AM too. Plus it only costs $6 as opposed to $13.  You can go to the Apple Store at 3AM on a Friday night (which technically is a Saturday, but since you'll most likely be coming out of a bar, I still consider it part of Friday night)

People smoke on the streets. You see people smoke because people walk. The subway is rundown and dirty and awful. You can go everywhere.  It's weirdly exhilarating watching a movie set in New York while being in New York.  Limitless.

You can go to the fast food restaurant across the street at any time of the day or night or if you prefer supporting independent stores, visit the Bread and Butter, also located conveniently on the corner, also open 24 hours. And they have everything. The Chinese guy: Vanilla coffee? French Coffee? Toffee Coffee? You can get Mexican food here too, also run by Chinese and it holds its own compared to the best Mexican dive in Los Angeles.

The employees at Duane Reade are mostly unfriendly.  At McDonalds too. It's awesome.

If you have a splitting headache after too many drinks at the Rooftop bar and decide to go to a 10AM movie screening, those food trucks, selling sandwiches, coffee, smokes, also sell individual packets of headache tablets for a $1 each. How brilliant is that?


Tegan Flanagan said...
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Tegan Flanagan said...

awesome enough to make me wanna be in NY too?? o.o

Veronika said...

definitely. ; )

Tegan Flanagan said...

btw: miss ya :)