March 20, 2011

Desert Flower

Based on a true story of Somali superstar model Waris Dirie, the film tells her story from the deserts of Africa to the catwalks of the world. The reason the film was made was to bring attention female circumcision, which has been practiced in the Islamic world for over 3000 years. Mutilation of the female genitalia continues to this day, and is described in disturbing detail.

The literal and psychological scars by this barbaric act induce Daris, convincingly portrayed by model/actress Liya Kebede to embark on a truly inspiring and poignant journey. British actress Sally Hawkins, as the sales girl who befriends  Daris when she arrives in London, is amazing and brings self-deprecation and humor, adding to the feelgood found in small doses in real life, not the feelgood gloss Hollywood mainstream dishes up.

I saw this movie in October 2009 in Vienna and it has finally made its way to selected theaters in New York and Los Angeles. Definitely worth seeing.

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