January 9, 2011

Die By the Gun or Is America really this fucked up?

While we wait for the "err..ahh..let's not jump to conclusions/background check/let the spin begin/whose fault is this really?/George Soros is behind this!" crowd,  I'll wait for Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle, Jesse Kelly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and the master puppeteer, Mr. Murdoch, to come forward and say, maybe something like this:

"Look, I'm really sorry for using words like "second amendment solutions, reload, cross hairs, shoot a fully automatic M-16, remove Gabrielle Giffords, etc when speaking about tea party opponents, because sadly I have no conscience and/or  I am too stupid to realize there are deranged people out there, crazy enough to take me literally, but, err, I never meant it that way. I never meant for anyone to pull the trigger. Golly gee, I am so sorry.  Please ignore me completely in the future. I will retreat in shame."

While the country waits for that, you can bide your time by listening to these religious citizens, who posted the following:

"God appointed this rod for your sins! God sent the shooter! This hateful nation unleashed violent veterans on the servants of God at WBC--hoping to silence our kind warning to obey God and flee the wrath to come."

I don't think a comment regarding the state of mind of the Westboro Baptist Church followers (if they have one) is necessary. If this is what religion does to a person, then I am glad I'm not religious.

Personally, I think the state of the United States will worsen before it improves.  The ignorance of some people can't be changed overnight. The current situation is a result of decades of poor education, over-saturation, over-consumerism, and a creepy affection for guns.  Give a crazy person a gun, well, they'll use it. Lots of countries around the world, with equal amounts of freedom, don't give out guns to any random person who walks into the local rifle shop.  The frantic screams to "protect each individual's rights" has back-fired. Protecting the "right to bear arms" crowd means those choosing the "I really don't need a semi-automatic to go grocery shopping" option has by default, become the victim and is not free.

Either everyone has a gun (option USA) or nobody does.  You disagree with someone, how about using your verbal skills to argue your views. What ever happened to debate clubs at school?

If the death of a nine-year old kid doesn't stop the perma-haters in politics and media with their staggering self-congratulatory smugness, what will?

Another disturbing effect of these times might be the far right continues to foam at the mouth while the reasonable ones - those genuinely committed to healthy debate -  fearful of saying anything contentious, stuff the message in so much cotton; nobody will hear them. 

America is such a great place and simultaneously totally fucked up.

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