January 1, 2011

Bradley Manning: What the World Thinks

This is a comment left by a South African citizen on a site dedicated to supporting Bradley Manning.  I am posting this without comment, just as food for thought.

"I am a South African citizen who lived through the dark days of South Africa's 'Apartheid' state. What USA gov is doing to Bradley Manning reminds me so much of what South African Apartheid gov did to so many South African citizens. Just as your state is arguing about Bradley, our apartheid government told us the violation of human rights was for our own good and defence from terrorists. WAKE UP the good people of United States!!. This is how the erosion of democracy begins and tyrants start to rule. First they will start by picking on champions of human rights, just like Bradley, and before you know it you will have terrible dictators in your government and liberty freedom and democracy will be no more in your country. The real threat to your country is not from terrorists, it is when human rights and the rule of just law begin to be eroded. Just like what is happening to Bradley."

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