December 18, 2010

Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Bradley Manning - Some Thoughts

So much has been written on these connected topics this past week, I will omit pounding the gavel with my views. Suffice it to say the unfolding events are historic for Freedom of Information, the internet, our access to information and how the world sees the United States.

One thing I would like to say though: why is the truth, an attempt to uncover the truth the exception rather than the norm? The only answer I come up with is those in power don't want us to know the truth. If the masses meekly accept what is being pushed down the drip, it makes all politicians' lives' so much easier.  The majority of the masses seem more crabby than grateful if their routines are disrupted.

Julian Assange as the founder of Wikileaks has made many people's lives uncomfortable. The people in question have a lot of power and they are doing all they can to make his life and the existence of Wikileaks perilous.

Bradley Manning as the alleged source for many of Wikileaks' information is currently paying a very high price for listening to his conscience. I know so many out there calling him a traitor and believe he should be tried for treason and executed. No joke. On many of the forums, some people are calling for his execution. My first instinct is to call them morons, idiots and worse. The label is probably accurate but is somewhat of a discussion killer. My guess is most fear change and being nudged out of their comfort zone. The comfort zone of shopping, eating, working, living bla. Why? Because surely, it has to induce people to think about what the hell is going on, what their government is doing in the name of "freedom" and all that other crap we are constantly being told to perceive as a threat to democracy.

Ignoring it all and getting on with one's life is inherently easier. Thankfully,  enough people out there  are not willing to let themselves be rocked into a stupor anymore through creature comforts and calls to "go forth and shop." Personally, the little I can do with my support through words and tweets is bird shit crumbs compared to what these guys have risked by doing what they did.

Bradley Manning and Julian Assange have got some big players upset. Now, honestly, would these players be upset if they had nothing to hide? Would the Bank of America cease doing business with Wikileaks if they had nothing to hide? Banks are on nobody's list of personal favorites.  Their cutting off Wikileaks funds is like Robert Mugabe unfriending you on facebook.

My dad always says: give a man power, he will reveal his true character. Looks like most in power have deep-down-to-the-core-rotten characters. If we look at all the collective "people in power" (actually, the ones really running the show are the corporations. Politicians are just the hand-puppets) as the head of a big, fat body, it's the citizens - us - who can be the conscience. It's kind of our job. We like being lazy and hope others will stand up and shout. Or it will go away, solve itself one way or another without rippling the waters too much enabling us to carry on as always.

Personally, I think what the US government (as far as I have researched, seems to be only the US government hot in pursuit of Assange and company. The Sweden thing, imo, is smoke in our faces) is doing to discredit Assange, needs a bloody huge shout out: stop with the crap already. We know you'll always lie about something but enough is enough.

I don't need to know everything and honestly, corruption, lies and shady deals will continue as long as humans exist.  Been that way for centuries. But do they have to lie about everything? It boils down to the fact that government, specifically the US government, has been too stupid to cover up the hot air balloon of lies. Lucky for us. Thanks to some very courageous people, the balloon has been punctured. 

NB: I just did pound the gavel with my views. Oh well. It's my blog. So I can.


Anonymous said...

Fine, gavel pounding Veronika!

Boyd Lemon said...

Fine Gavel pounding, Veronika.

Veronika said...

Merci beaucoup Monsieur Lemon.