December 28, 2010

The Thomas Crown Affair or The Class Act of Sex and The City

The film is the quintessence of the thrill of love, the thrill of the chase, executed with sublime class. Both versions of The Thomas Crown Affair are pure sophistication and admittedly a tough choice deciding which is better: Steve McQueen with Faye Dunaway or Rene Russo with Pierce Brosnan. I've seen the 1999 version at least 25 times and prefer it as the more cosmopolitan lustful of the two.  While Faye Dunaway is this cool ice queen beauty, Rene Russo oozes with Mother Earth vibes and warmth, the russet hair color and fantastic wardrobe subtly emphasizing those traits hidden underneath her smooth professionalism.   

The story is smart, the acting, Bill Conti's soundtrack, the production design, New York as the luscious backdrop coasts with the sleek smooth of a race driver in a Rolls Royce: deceptively powerful.  The film in its entirety is tuned pitch perfect.  A rare lineage of movie magic inadvertently leading one to dream: I want to have an affair like that. Not because Thomas Crown has a hot butler named Paul or steals masterpieces as a hobby, but because of the real passion. And awesome sex.

The chemistry between Brosnan and Russo make for one of the sexiest movies ever. I cannot recall any movie since then - 1999 - quite as sharp, smart, sexy, clever and vulnerable in the portrayal of love, naked bodies and naked emotions. The looks, the touches, a sigh...the complexity conveyed with flawless ardor and ease in its depiction. 

Directed by John McTiernan (yeah, the Die Hard Screenplay by Leslie Dixon.

Love it. Watch it. It's a perfect movie.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The 1999 version is one of my favorite movies - classy film and Russo is hot!

Veronika said...

totally agree. As far as movies go, this one is quite perfect. True test is multiple watchings and nothing grates or is off. Love it too!

James Johnson said...

I think the original is much better...maybe it's stronger sexual undercurrent as opposed to the more straightforward vibe in the new one.

Veronika said...

hey James, both versions are great which is rare enough. Usually there's a clear vote on the original. The Thomas Crown Affair is a singular case when both movies work well.
Can't think of a remake that's done the top of my head.