December 28, 2010

Fighting in the Sandbox and Twitter Etiquette

Location: sandbox
Cast: five-year old me and five-year old Mr. Cool

Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning: these are causes I support and care about. But...

...this isn't a friggin race who reads what first or tweets it's about actually reading all the stuff, and understanding it.  Links are fucking useless if you don't.  Without question indebted and grateful to those who inundate me with links on news items that interest me while simultaneously being aware of what I spit out.  (I am trying to keep the "link with every tweet" discretionary as some find it annoying therefore counterproductive for getting the word out there and rallying awareness/discourse/support for whatever cause.)

Therefore I was miffed by a WAAF* who replied to a relevant link with this snide remarks: "I have already read that, like, 15 hours ago. " na na na na....

[5-year-old me picks up plastic shovel, stands on over-turned plastic pail]

Well, excuse me. Sorry I bothered. Sorry I assumed you may not have read it in the avalanche of articles, tweets and retweets being bulleted every second. It's like - what is your fucking problem dude?

This isn't a race who reads what first. More and more though, some people consider it to be just that: a race for getting it out there, for tweeting the most links, retweeting the most links, regurgitating the most news. What people are missing in all of this: the news has to be consumed. Digested. Like haute cuisine. Not like a Egg McMuffin. Food for the brain needs time to sink in, be absorbed, processed till it finally comes out of your mouth in form of coherent considered opinion and thoughts. As opposed to poo.

Let me reiterate: applause, kudos, congrats to everyone out there spreading the word about a cause that is dear to their hearts (especially if it happens to coincide with my beliefs.....yeah, I'm selfish that way) Do remember: people get sick of being bombarded day in and day out with the same shit. Attention spans of people are about as broad and deep as an ant's ass. Seriously.

Sure I have been guilty of overdoing things as well. But I can fairly say: I take on advice by avoidance of the proliferation of irksome habits.  So I (usually) shut up and just absorb as much as I can. I print out articles. I read them. I highlight them: gather + read + digest + process is my current plan of action.

 [self-righteous smirk and pontification red-alert]

So you asshole who thinks you are better because you read something 15 hours prior to me? Firstly, you didn't. Secondly, even if you had: is that a reason to get a hissy fit? Because someone not in a Resevoir Dogs rip off black suit avatar dared to send you a link? While I applaud what you do, in this case: fuck off Mr. not-quite-as-fantastic-as-you-think-are.

[5-year-old-me throws sand at Mr. Cool]

[Mr. Cool proceeds to run after 5-year-old me. 5-year-old-me is a fast runner]

*wikileaks Assange-Anonymous-Fanboy


Laura Molina said...

Troll everywhere I look! You tell 'em..., F--- off

Veronika said...

ha. Thank you! Yeah, no, these WAAF's are pissing me off. Support a cause: great. But only if you are a hacker and can do damage seems to be the thing. Or with the Res Dogs avatar.