November 14, 2010

Sunday Night

I must come up with more original titles.  I used to be pretty good at innovative titles that nobody would ever find according to the SEO bible. Hopeless. So I have entered into the "it sucks but it'll be found"....correction....."the title sucks and it still won't be found."  


"My parents sold my soul to the devil. "
"Really? You might not want to mention that on the first date"
"Do I have to go to hell? or kill people?"
"No, no, no......all you have to do is haul all the escapees back to hell......put the bad guys back where they belong, so-to-speak."

Ever found yourself talking to yourself in public places? I was drinking a coffee at the coffee shop this afternoon (not the Dutch kind), writing, headphones on. "Shit. What the fuck?" the internet was so fucking slow. So nothing contentious. I just realized the outloud-ness cause even I could hear it. Nobody else seemed to notice. Although they might have just willfully ignored me, to be polite.

See, that's the crux of the phenomenon: headphones. You can't hear yourself think so you speak loudly, kind of like when someone shouts at you through the phone, you tend to shout back.

I think it might be time for me to go to bed. No, read. I shall read first, then go to bed. 

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