November 13, 2010

Saturday Night

"It's Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...." that song comes to mind although to be honest, I am  not pining after anyone. I am perfectly happy. I have you and ER is on, my usual program on the weekend.

I had a tweet off last night with a friend regarding the book Pedophiles Guide How to Avoid Harsh Sentencing. (The Pedophile's Guide to Love&Pleasure is the official title....just writing this out makes me want to vomit)  From what I have heard, it's a "how to" guide how to get away with child molestation.

I haven't read it myself. And I don't want to. I wouldn't spend a cent on it. The discussion we were having: my friend is against any sort of censorship and for freedom of speech. I think we might have bypassed each other within the 140 character limit as I am of the same opinion.  The dickless asshole who self-published this crap can go right ahead and publish it on whichever depraved site will accept it. The "book" initially made its first appearence on Amazon. Due to a rapid amplification of justified outrage by Amazon customers, the company finally bowed to demand and removed the completely fucked-up book.

A newsletter I receive, Holt Uncensored, had some reasonable considered information on the topic, with a link to a segment Anderson Cooper did on CNN. He spoke with Dr. Phil and New Yorker legal corespondent Jeffrey Toobin.

In a nutshell, Dr. Phil said that even under the first amendment there are caveats: you cannot say things that incite people to break the law, which this book clearly does. And the legal expert, Jeffrey Toobin,  says "no court in the country" would ever force Amazon to remove the book.  Fine.

I never implied in my conversation, that the book should be removed via a court order. Bottom line: the content of the book empowers pedophiles and as a result is a crime against humanity. A crime against children. And that is the most abhorrent of crimes.

This author has done no favors to all the others who intend to self-publish.  The ability to upload anything is  positive and, as this guy has proven,  bottom-dropping-out-of-the-barrel disgusting.  Is there a solution? It'd help if the platforms hosting self-published books were more vigilant when it comes to any material exploiting children.  Upload adult porn, whatever: I don't care. When it comes to kids, a line has to be drawn. That has nothing to do with censorship, for or against. Nor freedom of speech. Children need us to protect them. It's not only a moral crime if we don't.

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