November 6, 2010

My Top Ten Experiences

 "List the top ten experiences of your life--top meaning significant. Wondrous. Glorious. Terrible. Illuminating. Demoralizing. Jubilant. Ten, of course, is an arbitrary number. But start there. Think about it for a moment, letting your mind roam free, keeping your pen on the page. There's no penalty for going beyond ten, but if you do, cut to ten when you review the list." This is courtesy of

There isn't one particular event in anyone's life that is the most wondrous, the most glorious, the most least not for me. I've come to realize so many things make up life, each event is like a single thread, that is slowly woven into this intricate tapestry that makes you you, or, in this case, me, me. Then you step back to look at the tapestry and reflect......

1. Wondrous: Max. I am amazed he turned into such a great kid inspite of me.  
2. Glorious: errr....the day I realized I can be happy on my own.  
3. Terrible: There are lots of terribles. The terrible when  it hits you that the guy you chose didn't choose you. Not only that, divested himself of all responsibilites toward the little person you had together. That's kind of terrible. (the latter is terrible, not the former. In fact, I'm totally thankful he dumped me.....because he turned out to be a complete ass) Especially when you have to mount the basketball hoop on the garage.  On your own.  Then there is the terrible that you bring upon yourself. The level of terrible where you wonder how you made it through. Which brings you back to nr. 1, a kind of wondrous that you actually did make it through. See? Threads
4. Illuminating: the difficulty of finishing something
5. Demoralizing: dealing with tadpoles. 
6. Jubilant: pending. Past jubilant: hearing Mozart's Requiem in St.Stephan's Cathedral on his 200th death day. Music is one of the few things that constitutes divinity. 
7.  Disheartening: American Politics and seeing slubs on the tube. 
8. Awesomeness: reading a great article. Last one: Bob Cesca's blog on Huffington Post. 
9.  genius: Beethoven. The 9th is the magic of all human souls.
10. more genius: the person who wrote this: take all my goods but leave my body free.

I have had some wonderful experiences. I've had the luck to travel to so many places, meet the coolest people, see Baryshikov, Nureyev, Cynthia Gregory and Gelsey Kirkland dance, walk by the house where Beethoven lived and a whole lot more. But listing things like this seems gratuitously dull.  

So I'll shut up. 

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