November 2, 2010

Mid-Term Elections and Champions League

I have lured you here under false pretenses. I wanted to write about the Champions league games on this week (tonight and tomorrow) but I just couldn't. Ok. I did. Its just after my rant. If you prefer not mixing politics with Sports, please scroll down.

It's going to be brutal. Bloody, depressing, horrible, disgusting and I will want to strangle any tea party person that comes within 100 feet of me. Lucky for them, none of them live over here. As Bob Cesca said: time to brace ourselves. My eyes hurt from srunching and my ears too, holding them shut so that I don't see nor hear any of the biased reporting you get on bloody Sky. Gah. All the news outlets are, to a greater or lesser extent,  predicting Obama's doom.

This is not a vote on Obama. The voters are giving members of Congress and the Senate their report card.  Although, since the democrats have held the majority for a whole two (yes, wow, one, two) years, they (the tea party zombies, the angry mob, the white folks.......obviously not all the white folks, but the ones that are ranting about "give us back our country" and hell, they're all blindingly white)

Here's a gem: "We have a passion for the constitution." If I hear Sarah Palin utter that  nonsense one more time, I am going to throw eggs at the next random person with glasses and a red jacket I encounter.  To quote Richard Cohen, in today's op-ed in the Washington Post: "The fierce stupidity of this woman is hard to comprehend." He goes on to say, that it is from that well she "draws her political sustenance."

What I don't get, what I cannot get into my head, is, ok, Sarah Palin is genuinely stupid, but why do so many people like her? 27% percent of voters consider her qualified to be President of the United States. Not President of the Alaskan Hunting Hounds. Or President of the NRA. But friggin President of the United States!! Mr. Cohen expressed the same sentiment, and I'll parrot him here: who are these people?

Sadly, these election things, these political things get me so upset, I struggle to utter a coherant sentence, let alone write one. I just want to run around and (mildy) slap some sense into people. Is it that difficult to understand that Barack Obama is doing good things for the country? Is that so difficult to see? All you have to do is pick up a bloody newspaper, preferably one not owned by News Corp or the Koch Brothers cronies, and read. Better yet: watch Rachel Maddow. She had an awesome show last night, pointing out all the successes of the Obama administration.

If worst comes to worst, our only hope is that the GOP with their mini me Tea Party ultra conservatives, riding the monkey, as it were, do an even worse job at running the country than they did at telling the truth. The fish stinks from the head down. Or something. In this case, it would be an appropriate analogy.

Oh, yes, the Champions league: Groups A - D play tonight.

Group A:
Tottenham v Inter Milan and Bremen v Twente. Milan will definitely advance to the best of 16. Looking likely that Tottenham will follow although if they get walloped by Milan, either Bremen or Twente still stand a slim chance.

Group B:
Tel Aviv v Schalke and Benfica v Lyon. Lyon leads the group with 9 points, Schalke second with 6 points, Benfica with 3 and Tel Aviv with 0. Unless a miracle occurs and Benfica beats Lyon, it's a done deal with Lyon and Schalke advancing.

Group C:
Bursaspor v ManU and Valencia v Rangers. Ahead of the games, ManU leads Group C, with the Rangers coming in second. Still a chance for Valencia, plus they have home advantage against Glasgow. This might turn out to be a decent game.

Group D:
Copenhagen v Barcelona and Kasan v Panathinaikos (no clue where Kasan is, but I guess I'll find out later tonight). Shoe in for Barca and Copenhagen to advance. They just have to battle it out who goes in first.

The draw for the best of 16 round is on December 17th. 

That's all folks.

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