November 5, 2010

Fuck Friday

  •  I was called up by a person who is too stupid to be in a category other than "here's the fish tank. And there you see a tadpole." 
  • I was minding my own business, biking on a deserted sidewalk when something steps onto said sidewalk to block my way. It was a hog dressed as a cop.  The only reason they go after bikers is because they can. Although this guy had a belly so huge, his center of gravity was on the other side of the street.  I don't know why I even bothered to stop. I should have just passed him by.  What the fuck can he do? Exactly. Nothing. I am such a lame piece of crap, intimidated by a uniform. American cops - that's a whole different story. They're friggin scary, dragging you to jail if you make an illegal three-point turn.  But Austrian cops: the only person scared of them has to be dead.  Or nobody. Nobody is scared of the Austrian police.  Ok, maybe the fashion police is.
  • (What the fuck is going on with google? I really hate everything and everybody today.  I really truly do. And, this place's wifi blocks Twitter. Why the fuck would you block Twitter? )
  • Sitting next to me, is some guy, the 40-year-old living-with-mommy type. He is dating, apparently. At least he paid for her meal, an attractive foreign looking girl. He is trying to communicate with her in English. Stop already. It's like: so fucking typical: creepy serial-killer-looking guy dating hot immigrant chick. Him: because he can't get anybody that doesn't need a working permit. Her: desperate? Can't think of any other reason.  And no sense of smell. Something sure stinks. And it's not the food.
  • How sad is that? People having to date degenerate-momma-boy-mass-murderers-types just to stay in the country. This country. Who the hell wants to stay in this country? Who the fuck can put up with that pain?
  • Gonna get an ulcer. His "I understand train station" English is enough to make me  vomit. Today, nearly everything can cause the upchuck mode.
  • I want to go home. I want to go home to the land of Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell.  These two are at least worth getting upset over. 


Ross Brown said...

Wow. I hope your weekend goes better.

Veronika said...

hey Ross, thanks. Yeah, I can vent all my frustrations on pondering the ever-increasing encroachment of biased media.

; ) And I'll have a coffee. That always helps.