November 5, 2010

Fuck Friday just got worse

  • Keith Olbermann gets suspended because he donated to three democrats? So, let me get this straight: MSNBC is primarily liberal ie left ie democratic, Keith Olbermann is a progressive liberal. I would understand the suspension, if Olbermann donated to GOP candidates, as one could/might assume he wants them elected to ensure more controversy, I dunno. Honestly, one comes up with these absurd ideas because of these completely retarded and nonsensical measures. What is MSNBC trying to prove? Why are the liberals deliberately trying to be beyond reproof? Fuck reproof. Play at least a little bit dirty.  Hell, no matter what they come up with, Fox and all the rest of the corrupt hypocritical bastards will still always be a league ahead. Enough with the pandering and pansies. 
  • No one gives a shit about China, except when they come calling with a plane load of cash. First, China puts Liu Xiaobo, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize under house arrest (or he already was...not sure) blocks all news of the award, and is persecuting anyone who follows the guy. Secondly, today on the news, one of his followers, a famous artist in his own right, Ai Weiwei, has also been put under house arrest. Charming. 
  • See, the Chinese government squelches dissent by pandering to the people's love of gadgets and trinkets, like huge shopping malls. "You are now free to shop" but not much else.
  • And meanwhile, in France, la once Grande Nation, President Hu Jintao is visiting.  And he is getting the red carpet treatment. Sarkozy is taking it leaning forward to get all the multi-million and billion Euro deals signed, sealed and ready to deliver. "Human rights activists fear Europe may tone down its criticism of China's human rights record as it pushes its financial interests. Mr. Sarkozy did not mention China's human rights during his state dinner speech." according to Voice of America reporting. Toned down? I must be deaf because I haven't heard a peep out of anyone in these parts.
How friggin shabby is that? Just pull out the cash and the politicians fall over, one after the other, like a bunch of dominos. What the fuck is wrong with everybody?


Laura Molina said...

I am livid about Olbermann's suspension! WTF?

Veronika said...

Keith Olbermann is a personality who is passionate. His special comments are so moving, so spot on. For me, as corny as it may sound, he speaks from my heart. I love his show and I have watched it every single day for three years now. Every single day. It's my dose of sanity. Yes, sanity. He lets me hope that America is not the America, where 27% of voters think Palin would be a good President. He is the guy who makes me believe there are some damn smart people around. And that there are really good people around.

Yeah, I'm liberal. But its not about right and left. Its about right and wrong.

A 15 second mention of Olbermann on NBC. Wow.

"This is a real threat to political discourse in America and will have a chilling impact on every commentator for MSNBC." Sen. Bernie Sanders

Out of the 72 hours we have daily of 24 x 3 news channels, we had 4 hours a day of liberal coverage. Now we have 3.