October 16, 2010

Too Many Cookbooks and Meltdown Time

*while I am writing this, am also watching Julie and Julia, or whatever it's called.

I am suffering from self-induced ADD. Why? Because I follow 280 people on Twitter, serving me at least 100 links to click on each day if I so choose (and usually, I do). Don't get me wrong: lots of awesome stuff to read. Funny. Informative. One just gets blown away by so much information. Off target, as it were.

Approx. 50 newsletters, from the New York Times to the Daily Beast, to fashion newsletters and writer newsletters and book newsletters, feed into my inbox everyday. Maybe more. I haven't counted. All I know, if I don't check my inbox for three hours, there are at least 20 mails in each of my Inboxes. I follow about 20 blogs and am a member of RedRoom, SheWrites, More, RantRave plus a contributing writer to Suite101. All of these forums would like regular contributions. And according to all the advice I have been reading, warrant regular contributions to build my "brand" or my "presence" so that when I finally do finish my book, I shall be known. Plus, there's the vital argument that I freelance as a writer therefore need to write for various sites to.you know.eat.

Now, all of the above takes up about dunno 5-6 hours per day? More? I also have been spending at least 3 hours each day trying to work out the fairly complicated story line of my current project. I have written 70,000 words. Need about 90,000 in total. Not much more missing. Nevertheless, a fair amount of work is still needed to complete it. I agonize over characters' names for days-no-make that weeks, constantly changing my mind.

Magazines, books, university, sure I have forgotten something. Oh yeah, Max. He reads himself and just grunts occasionally.

It's got to stop. At least until I have finished this damn friggin book. Finally. I have been working on it, on and off, for three and a half years. It's time. Time to free up the omniscient narration of the guilty conscience (have I done enough? Of course, I haven't. I need to do more. I am never going to finish. Is it good enough? ) of this book  for the next book.

Done. It's so nice to have a blog. To just write stupid crap that nobody will read. Nowadays, even personal blogs take on this towering inferno-type persona. Fuck that. This is for me and no one else.

Challenge Venus or Advance Your Worth. Bam. The cookbook reference - this, to any one of the single-digit errant readers who find themselves on this particular webbery - was inspired by Seth Godin: his daily newsletter today talked about having too many cookbooks. No use reading cookbooks unless you cook. Now, with that analogy, or euphemism (take your pick) for "get off your ass and write" I take leave of you all.

Before I go, I have to say: I hate Rupert Murdoch. The media leaked information regarding a $1.25 million donation News Corp made to the US Chamber of Commerce and the RGA (Republican Governors Association). He is such a slimy bastard. I was watching yesterday's Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Recent political buzz is about undisclosed funding for attack ads against the Democrats, for the up-coming midterm elections. Murdoch was speaking at a Shareholders meeting. When asked by one of the shareholders, if the non-disclosure policy of News Corp donations was going to change, his Imperialacy simply stated: If you don't like what I do, you can vote down the board of directors.

Nice. Ok. I am done.


Ross Brown said...

If it's any consolation, I picked at a story for almost 7 years before I decided to get serious and write it. And then it took more than 2 years more to write the rough draft. I'm now working on the final draft and will be lucky if I finish it by next spring.

Like you, I'm hoping to gain some social media recognition so that when I'm done, hopefully someone will have heard of me.

I feel for you. And I'm following you, so hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Sounds like denial. Stop procrastinating and work on your story. You have so much time in your day, start appreciating it. Spend at least as much time on your story as you are reading email and stuff.

Anonymous said...

I agree. You are doing to much other stuff. Just concentrate on your novel.

As for "building a brand", really? If you never finish the book that's kind of pointless, isn't it.

Veronika said...

A hearty thanks for your comments!!! And advice taken. Truly appreciated.

Off to write. ; )

Veronika said...

Just an interesting bit of information I'd like to share, that I came across while researching for my book, in regards to the information highway and something called the Omega Point (which, in a nutshell, means, mankind will collapse when it reaches the limit of its organized complexity) The expansion of access to information is related:
in 2005, information was doubling every 36 months
in 2008, information was doubling every 11 months
2010 Google CEO Eric Schmidt said: "Every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003"
by the end of 2010, information will be doubling every 11 hours.

So, both the easy access and the amount of information has been a blessing and a bane for me. Once one has pinpointed the problem - my inherent love of instant gratification - one can deal with it.

And again, I sincerely appreciate you all for taking the time to comment and "kick my butt". Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What the previous commenter said is kind of strange. Could someone explain?
Can you explain to me what reality is? Do robots exist in reality because they cannot judge and make perceptions?
I write like mad, every day, and no one visits my blog, that looks similar to yours. What could I be doing wrong?
Look at me I'm posting comments. Feels good, I hope my ramblings don't get removed by the admins :)

I had a life once... now I have a computer and a modem.

Veronika said...

The previous comment was left by yours truly - the Omega Point thing. Err...the point I was trying to make was that there is only so much information a human brain can effectively absorb and process.

In regards to writing everyday and nobody "stopping by": don't worry. Eventually, people will.

Plus you gotta let people know where to find you ; )

Life reduced to computer and modem? Yeah, I can relate to that. Be careful though. You gotta look up once in a while.