September 30, 2010

September 30th, 2010 - Events of the Day

1. Some freakazoid nutcase with a helmet on a bike accosted me because I dared cross the street on a red light. He called me a criminal. I called him a fascist. Bam.

2. One of the organizations I follow on Twitter (a slave to the fashion industry), stated this:
The new way to wear your coat? As a cape!

with a link to pictures of fashion nobodies wearing their jackets or coats draped over their shoulders.

Now, I ask myself this question: if I wear my jacket or coat, draped over my shoulders, why would I suddenly turn into the caped crusader? Am I not just wearing it draped over my shoulders because
a. I am too lazy to put it on
b. its too warm to put it on
c. all of the above

If I decide to drape it over my shoulders because I am deliberately trying to create a fashion trend, then I'd consider anyone emulating me an idiot. Which begs the question: are most followers of fashion really that stupid? Or is this particular "trend setter" so hard up for something, anything to tweet about, they just make random shit up?

I like fashion. I really do. But I just cannot get my head around the musings of the so-called fashion insiders. That's too much for me. Cool or trendy isn't something that can be bought or copied. You either are cool (because you don't give a shit what anyone else thinks and definitely don't wear something because someone tells you to) Or you're not (because you are a slave to popular opinion)

But I suppose if most people thought like me, there'd be a screeching drama queen drop in the stock prices of LVMH, the world's largest conglomerate of luxury brands.

3. That tweet threw me a loop so I sat for three hours in the library agonizing over which name to give my protagonist.

4. Tony Curtis: you shall forever hold a place in my heart, not only for the tremendous Some Like It Hot but for the frabjous The Great Race, a movie not only in my heart, but that I know by heart.

5. September 2010: The beginning sucked. Could only get better from there. It did; slightly.

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