September 21, 2010

Is there intelligent life on Earth?

That's a question I ask myself on a daily basis, especially after listening to the media trying to roast Christine O'Donnell on the witchcraft thing. Seriously, who the fuck cares? More concern should be given to the fact that apparently, for lack of a more profitable job, she just uses campaign donations to finance grocery shopping and pay the rent. Now there's a thought for the long-term unemployed: run for office. Say a whole bunch of really stupid things and above all, support the NRA. Oh, and be really religious. You'll have a whole bunch of old and older white people sending you checks in no time.

To make an argument for intelligent life on Earth:

I was just leafing through Gustav Mahler's collections of letters to Alma Mahler. Good grief, I bought the book in 1988. And I still haven't read it. 1988. Wasn't that even before Madonna was desperately seeking fashion advice? I suppose there's a time for everything and since I am in Vienna (crabby place that it is), maybe I'll transport myself back to the days when Vienna must have been pretty cool, fin de siecle, pre - Great War, Kaiser Franz Josef, multi-cultural, multi- national and some of the most brilliant minds in the arts, music and of course, Freud, strolling the Ringstrasse and billowing genius vibes. These people actually lived here. Voluntarily.

They sure wrote really long letters back then. Quill and paper long. Geez. Amazing what people got up without the know, like talk to each other and, well, write to each other.

Photographie et Société by Gisele Freund (this links to such a cool blog) is another book I just found, collecting a bit of dust on my bookshelf. A German-born photographer, she fled Germany in 1933, negatives taped to her body, because of that ultimate destroyer of all things, the unmentionable cretin with the weird 'tache. Gisele Freund eventually made Paris her home.

The book itself is a chronicle of photography over the past 150 years. "The eye, not the camera, makes the picture."

There is intelligent beautiful life on Earth after all. Thank you Gustav and Gisele.


Rayvenne Black said...

You are right, it is amazing how we can seem to do so much more without things like the internet, the television, so on and so forth. I think though especially as I find myself getting more involved with other like-minded people I am being reminded that amongst billions of ignorance that clogs up the internet (especially youtube and the like) there are definitely still many interesting people to meet:) You can count yourself in that bunch. Great blog,and that picture is quite beautiful. Amazing that she taped the negatives to herself to protect them. I must read more about her.

Veronika said...

thank you so much. Right back at you! Really, I am always amazed and humbled by the super cool people one meets online.

Regarding Gisele Freund: she took a photo of one of the last political demonstrations to take place before Hitler took over. I am searching for that picture. Is supposed to be amazing. Her story would make a great bio pic..

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey Veronika! Thanks for offering to help me on October 19. I was going to email you but couldn't find you address. Mine's alexjcavanaugh @ Thanks!