September 29, 2010


Frabjous is an informal word coined in 1872 by Lewis Carroll in "Through the Looking Glass" and means fabulous, joyous.

was word of the day from For a while now, I have been racking my brains in vain, trying to think up a cool word describing women like,well, like me, I suppose. (For a series of fashion articles )

The definition of "women like me" is this:

age-wise, in the "f's" (as opposed to the "t's": twenties and thirties) and mind set wise: normal. I mean, ageless. Although I hate that word too. Ageless is such a cop out word. Like trying to justify the fact that you are older but still "with it". I am not ageless, at least not like the "Highlander" guy. I get older just like everybody else. But I really really hate telling people how old I am because of all the societal preconceptions and cultural connotations.

It's just plain retarded. For example, you hear someone (a female someone) is, let's say, 50. What do you think of? Who do you think of? Madonna or..can't think of anyone I know over 50 actually. All my friends are, like, t-somethings.

While we are having this discussion: can we strike the word "cougar" from the colloquial? Gsus, and "Cougartown". That must be the lamest show I have seen in bloody ages.

Another pet peeve of mine: "you look good for your age." What the hell is that supposed to mean? I understand people mean that as a compliment, but it's not. Usually, that statement is directed toward women. And not guys. It's like such a surprise if a woman looks decent beyond 40 and/or 50, but a given when it concerns a male.

Maybe I should contribute to the smashing of old preconceptions and just blurt it out. My age, I mean. Or maybe I shouldn't even be having this discussion because nobody cares until you actually mention it.

So who cares? Forget I wrote this.


Ross Brown said...

Actually, Veronika, when a colleague of mine found out that I'm 45, the first thing she said was "you look good for your age." It's not a statement that is directed at women only.

But I do agree with you: the last three words in that statement negate the compliment that is implied in the the first three.

Veronika said...

Hey Ross: you are, of course, right. But it seems predominantly directed toward women. I suppose, it's human nature to label things and I normally don't give it much merit. At least I try not to. But I have to share this: some really retarded fashion newsletter I subscribe to (as a reminder how badly some things are written) came up with this tweet just now: "Word of the day: Momplex. Definition: a yummy mummy who is inexplicably blind to her own cuteness, coolness, or all around awesomeness."

oh brother, is all I can say.

Ross Brown said...

Oh ick! And I thought MILF was bad enough.

Veronika said...

MILF is at least blatantly derogatory whereas cougar or that stupid "momplex" ( which sounds like a disease more than anything else,) are terms used as a veiled least I perceive it that way.