August 3, 2010

Vincent Cassel - u la la

I saw Vincent Cassel. He was standing about seven feet away from me at the reception of the hotel on Sunset. The guy who did this in Ocean's Twelve (you know, the same thing Catherine Zeta-Jones did in that movie with Sean Connery) Capoeira. His room is directly across the pool from mine.

And in case you still don't know who he is, look him up on wiki or imdb. Oh, and he's married to Monica Belluci.

He's got it: charisma.


Tegan Flanagan said...

Oh how I envy you.

Tatiana Lensky said...

I must say, he is pretty hot. And so cool, 'cause no body paid any attention to him.

Tegan Flanagan said...

ha - and you get to observe the hotness ;)
true.. eastern promises for example. when I think back I think of the calm viggo mortensen and on second thought vincent cassel - but truth be told I recall more scenes with the hotness..