August 24, 2010

Finding Your Sense of Fashion

Finding Your Sense of Fashion

new and improved. Well, more or less. Since I received a lovely comment from a guest reader on this article, I think I must once again re-new my relationship with fashion. And maybe submit an article to Vogue or something. Or Harper's Bazaar. Rolling Stone: now that's a magazine I'd like to get published in. Or Vanity Fair. The New Yorker. (yeah, I know.....but you have to aim high otherwise you'll always just be pecking about with all the rest of the chickens. I wanna be the top chicken. As the ever hopefully optimistic Ginger says in "Chicken Run" :

Bunty: In all my life, I've never heard such a fantastic load of tripe. Oh, face the facts, ducks. The chances of us getting out of here are a million to one.
Ginger: Then there's still a chance.


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