August 25, 2010

The Actuary

“No wonder you are bankrupt. Your books are in complete disarray!”
“Complete disarray? How so?” he looked at his partner, honestly astounded. “I think I’ve done remarkably well under the circumstances”
“But you’re bankrupt!” the jaunty slant on Philip’s hat now appeared about to topple off his head in shameful retreat.
“I beg to differ” Jonathan flipped through the ledger. “There!” he pointed out with pride. “WE are bankrupt”
Philip looked around and searched for a free spot to place his short heavy frame. The office cat on the only stool not covered with books, boxes or papers, gave him a doleful look. He turned around in exasperation.
“I think we should hire an actuary. Maybe he can help”
“Wouldn’t that merely exacerbate the situation? My bookkeeping is quite fine, if I do say so myself” Jonathan seemed offended by the suggestion.
Philip took his hat off and mopped his brow with a white handkerchief. He sighed.
“I suppose this is my fault. I should have been more engaged. My dear Jonathan, you are a writer. You are not a man of numbers. You are not to be blamed. I blame myself. We will call upon the services of one fine accountant who may know how to help us. Please, let me do this” Philip patted Jonathan on the arm. Looking into Philip’s eyes, he noticed he was truly concerned. He had never witnessed Philip in such a state of agitation.
“What should I do?”

This story inspired by Ande Waggener's blog. She posts daily words and scenarios for writers to practice honing their writing skills. It's fun and really helpful.

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