June 8, 2010

World Cup 2010 for Dummies - Part VI - Group D

The arch rivals of England are playing in this group. And if we're lucky (England top their group, Germany comes in second in theirs or vice versa) it'll be a "They think it's all over... it is now!" kind of game (there's a bit of history between these two teams, ever since 1966 when the English team had a biased ref who gave them the win. )

Group D: GGAS (think Rolling Stones.....its a ggas, gas, gas)

Ghana: They've got a guy on the team named Kevin-Prince Boateng. A Michael Jackson offspring? In the warm-up matches, Ghana lost 1-4 against the Dutch. Won 1- 0 against Latvia. No major teams injuries but apparently the loss of Michael Essien is much lamented (whoever that is) FIFA ranking: 32

Germany: I like the German team. Although it depends on whom they happen to be playing. A team notoriously famous for pulling through when it counts, even without team captain Michael Ballack (who's a bit useless anyway), one should expect some surprises from them. They came close so many times, won a few times (three times) I think they'd deserve the title. FIFA ranking: 6

Australia: The Australian team comes from Australia. That pretty much covers my expert knowledge. Their opening match is against Germany and Australian coach Lucas Neill (who's kinda cute) would be happy with a draw. See, that's one reason for watching: cute players. FIFA ranking: 20.

Serbia: My hairdresser, Jenny, is from Bosnia. She doesn't like the Serbs. She's awesome so I am going to have to not like them either. FIFA ranking: 15

My picks: Germany first, Australia second because their accent is a bit like the South African one, so they'll feel right at home.

Pic courtesy of I don't know of Sebastian Schweinsteiger.


Anonymous said...

James said

1) Serbia
2) Germany

fabian_Szymanek said...

Fabian said...1) Germany 2) Serbia

Tatiana Lensky said...

James: I see right through your ploy: you reckon England is gonna win their group, so Germany needs to be second so that Germany plays against England. Ha. We'll see about that.

Fab: Jenny is going to cut you a Glatze if I tell her you voted for Serbia.

Anonymous said...

Eva's guess: australia first (because of lucas neill ;)), and germany second (although i don't like them)

Tatiana Lensky said...

no winners in this group. Germany is first, Ghana second.