June 7, 2010

World Cup 2010 for Dummies - Part V - Group C

Roll of the drums.......clash of the symbols.......BANG. A whole nation will come to a stop Saturday evening, when England plays the USA. Go rob a bank.

England won't win the World Cup though. I reckon the only way/time they'll ever win it, is if they host the World Cup in 2018. Brits abroad don't do very well. They miss their beans and toast. Water between them and the rest of the world helps too. You know, like a moat around a castle.

Group C: Ause

England: "Roo is the World's Best" "You can win it boys!" says Prince William "There's a World Cup to be Won" says yet another English headline. No pressure boys. Its the same every single time England plays in a major tournament. The strategy doesn't seem to be working as the last major win was back in 1966. Since the final took place in London's Wembley stadium, it must have been a spectacular event. Some brains are still back in 1966 when it comes to the National Team. And Rooney isn't a God, despite what Nike wants you guys to believe. FIFA ranking: 8 (just below Argentina)

USA: Lets compare the headlines in the US regarding their football team: well, in USA Today, there's a headline, if you scroll waaay down that says: "For South Africa, the World Cup is finally a Time to Shine" with no mention that a team from the USA is actually participating. And thats the only headline I found that makes any reference whatsoever to an event that's got the rest of the World by the balls. FIFA ranking: 14

Algeria: "Poor run comes to an end. Algeria ended a run of four consecutive losses with a much-needed victory over the United Arab Emirates in Germany in their final World Cup warm-up match." reads the headline from the ESPN site. Definitely a tough group for them to shine in. FIFA ranking: 30

Slovenia: In their warm matches against fellow qualifiers New Zealand and Serbia, Slovenia won both matches comfortably. FIFA ranking: 25

My picks: ok, England nr. 1, and its a toss up between USA and Slovenia for nr .2. Still have to decide.

pic courtesy of Getty Images (US Coach Bob Bradley with his son Michael, midfield defender) oh, and Wayne Rooney is England. Or something.


Anonymous said...


1st: ENG
2nd: SLO

CzechMate said...


Anonymous said...

Sandy's favourites:

Anonymous said...

James said

1) In-Ger-Land !!!!!
2) Algeria

fabian_Szymanek said...

better be 1) Englaaaand and 2) oh, why not give them a try too - USA

Anonymous said...

1. USA
2. England

Tatiana Lensky said...

Darius: I like your thinking. Wouldn't that be just brilliant if us Yanks beat them Brits??

again, thank you everyone for commenting. Makes all this way fun.

Anonymous said...

Eva's guess:
1 - England
2 - USA

Tatiana Lensky said...

and we have one winner: Darius! For the second time.