June 4, 2010

Women Writers! Never Ask Permission. Trust in Yourself

Something I want to share and which I find pretty cool: by Zinsser on Friday, from "The American Scholar"

"Never Ask Permission. Trust in Yourself.

Women in particular are starved for permission, especially women writers. In the adult memoir class that I’ve long taught at the New School, in New York, teasing memories out of bright and accomplished women eager to make sense of their lives through an act of writing, I’m struck by how apologetic they are, how unconfident of the worthiness of the story they want to tell. They want to be given permission to tell it.

Women writers! You must give yourself permission, by a daily act of will, to believe in your remembered truth. Do not remain nameless to yourself. Only you can turn on the switch; nobody is going to do it for you. Nobody gave George Gershwin permission to write “Rhapsody in Blue” at the age of 25, when he had only written 32-bar popular songs. Nobody gave Frank Lloyd Wright permission to design a round museum."

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