June 29, 2010

Let's Play "If" - World Cup for Dummies Part XIX

So, we have the match up's for the quarter finals:

Holland v Brazil
Uruguay v Ghana
Argentina v Germany
and either Spain or Portugal against either Paraguay or Japan ( last of the best of 16 playing this afternoon)

So, for the semi-finals, possible match ups:

Holland v Uruguay
Holland v Ghana
Brazil v Uruguay
Brazil v Ghana

Argentina v Spain, Portugal, Paraguay or Japan
Germany v Spain, Portugal, Paraguay or Japan

which means for the final its either Holland, Uruguay, Brazil or Ghana against Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Paraguay, Japan or Germany

(I always have to map these things out) Am I right? Or have I got it completely wrong? Somebody please tell me.

Picture of His Awesomeness Ricardo Kaka courtesy of someone who has a blog too.

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Joel said...

That is correct!